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Worldwide Infographic-a-Thon “Becoming an Entrepreneur”

“Becoming an Entrepreneur” is an infographic book that takes you on a journey from having nothing to creating a large business. In 200 pages, through 50 infographics you will see experiences and data from over 1000  entrepreneurs.

Hi there, you are here because you have thought about becoming an entrepreneur, right? Or you are one already. Actually, great timing. Glad you stopped by today, because by 2020 there is going to be a billion entrepreneurs on this planet…

– Really?

Yeah! 1 billion entrepreneurs – absolutely serious. Which brings me to the next question, “Are you one of them yet?” There is a 1 to 19 chance you are. And about a 1 to 7 chance you want to be. Don’t ask me how I know. I just do. So if you are actually one of these bright individuals who want to create value in this world …. it’s your lucky day. We are making a book that is about you becoming… an entrepreneur. Read on…

– Wait, actually I’m here because of infographics…

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