The Oldest Logos That Have Been in Continuous Use the Longest

The logo and branding for a company can be a very vital element in the success of a company. These brand logos can make a company very recognizable all throughout the world, and throughout their history, some companies haven’t even really changed their logos that much, if at all. With this new infographic from the team at Image Relay, you’ll be able to see which company logos are the oldest but still in use today.

Twinings, a British tea company, currently has the oldest logo that’s been in continuous use without alterations to the company’s logo design. In fact, the logo for Twinings was created way back in 1787, and is actually based on the family crest, while also referencing China, which is where Twinings exclusively sourced their tea. According to the research done by the team at Image Relay, it was found that the ten oldest logos that still exist are Stella Artois (1366), Twinings (1787), the American Red Cross (1864), Nestle (1868), Heinz (1869), Amstel Bier (1870), Mitsubishi (1873), Bass Ale (1876), John Deere (1876) and Boots (1883).

On this timeline from Image Relay, there are several different industries that are featured as well, including companies within beverage, humanitarian aid, food, automotive, agricultural machinery, health and beauty, apparel and accessories, life insurance, rubber and plastics, electronics, energy, chemicals, and paint and coating manufacturing.

Of all of these, the oldest company logo that’s still being used today belongs to Stella Artois, which has been in use since 1366. While the logo has seen very minor changes over the last 600 plus years, it has remained largely the same, still featuring the horn and star that helped give the original brewery such great branding.

On this ranking from the team at Image Relay, there are six company logos that are at least 150 years old by this point.

Oldest Logos That Still Exist Today

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