Outdoor Explorers Spend This Much on Their Hobbies

More and more Americans are becoming outdoor enthusiasts. They’ve spent record amounts of money on equipment for these outdoor activities, and AAA State of Play decided to give us a closer look at what people are investing in and what activities are becoming the most popular.

In their breakdown of spending on traditional outdoor activities, they found that American spent the most on these categories:

  1. Multi-Use apparel and accessories (backpacks, clothing, bug spray, watches, water bottles, etc.)
  2. RVs
  3. Boats (including kayaks, canoes, and sailboats)
  4. “Other” activities (windsurfing, SCUBA diving, water skiing, geocaching, ice skating, running, bird watching, etc.)
  5. Hunting and trapping equipment
  6. Motorcycles and ATVs
  7. Snowboarding, skiing, and snow activity equipment
  8. Climbing, hiking, and camping equipment
  9. Horseback riding equipment
  10. Recreational flight equipment
  11. Bikes

As for which activities gained the most popularity, RVing won out as well as gardening. With a big, beautiful country to explore it’s no surprise that people were itching to get outside and breathe the fresh air after a few years of pandemic restrictions.

In the category of more non-traditional activities, the team at AAA State of Play found that these were the other outdoor spending categories that came out on top:

  • Admission to game areas (golf courses, tennis courts)
  • Guided tours on air and land
  • Festivals and sporting events
  • Admission to amusement and water parks
  • Productive outdoor activities (includes gardening)
  • “Other” activities (includes beachgoing, water polo, yard sports, star gazing, etc.)
  • Field sports equipment
  • Other apparel

These statistics make it clear that no matter the person or their interests, there’s a way for people to get outside and enjoy the season, whether it’s summer, winter, or in between. It’s also clear that while many Americans want to travel by boat or RV plenty are finding ways to have fun outdoors close to home.

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