– Everything That Mattel Owns

Who hasn’t heard of Mattel? When we hear about the company Mattel, the first thing that comes to mind is Barbie. This is the most widely sold and popular toy in history. Mattel was established in 1945, and since then, it has made a name for itself by owning some of the biggest brands. In this study by Playground Equipment, let’s discuss the history of Barbie and how it came into being and list the brands owned by Mattel.

The Barbie Idea was established by its owners and husband, who came across a doll in Germany, and later on, they launched another doll named Barbie that was inspired by the German doll. In 1961, Barbie got a lawsuit claiming that Barbie was a copied version of the German doll Bild Lilly. In 1963, the case was settled, and in 1964, Mattel completely owned and gained copyrights of Barbie. Fisher Price is another brand owned by Mattel; in 1963, this company fully acquired it. American Girl is another major brand that became one of Mattel’s subsidies in 1998. Mattel also bought MatchBox in 1967 and acquired it in 1992. Hence, it’s no surprise that Mattel has a very high net worth today. By 2023, its net worth will reach $6.5 billion, mainly due to the success of the Barbie movie, in which, by the end of the opening week, the film earned $155 million. It broke all records by making 1.34 billion dollars at the box office.

Concluding this article, we can say that Mattel is a well-established and running company.

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