Printers: One Secret Variable to Business Success

In creating a business, there are a thousand and one things to worry about and consider. Even once the business is up and running, the operation costs and constant industry changes can never be neglected. One thing that does tend to be neglected though is the business printer. 

Today eight in 10 small businesses rely on printers for their daily operations. It may seem hard to believe, but print is incredibly prominent for most today. 50% of all businesses today cannot operate without a printer. An easy example to imagine is law offices, which are printing 240+ pages a day. 

The problem and the reality though is that 53% of people own printers that break every month. Most printers tend to break, and most people tend to misuse them. For businesses, breaking may be less of an issue, but use of ink and cloud printers provide new issues.

Ink usage and type is something that requires an informed decision. Laser toner is something that is cheaper than ink but requires a nicer printer. It is a longer term investment. Even when using ink though, 20-50% of each cartridge is used for cleaning and maintenance. This is another variable that printer quality controls. 

Printers today are also almost all internet connected, but very few of those are securely connected. This makes printers a surprisingly dangerous area of office safety. Solutions like setting a password, setting up automatic reboots, these are easy. Although the reality is most offices hardly utilize such simple options. 
Even beyond these two issues, others such as a warranty, durability, performance under stress, these are all their own problems. They all do go to show the importance of choosing the best small printer in the workspace. In a world where printers weren’t used, maybe these factors wouldn’t matter so much. This isn’t the world we live in. Printers today are still found in nearly every business, so it’s important to not let it be a business’s downfall.

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