Product Content Flow Infographic

Ecommerce managers often spend dozens of hours preparing product data sheets. The thing is, you always need to adapt them to the requirements of the sales channels. When it comes to product information, everyone faces very similar challenges:

  • Delays in starting to sell products because of the product information absence
  • An enormous amount of time spent on copying and pasting
  • The lack of data from the suppliers, which ends in googling
  • Mistakes and errors that happen in a manual work
  • No information about the product data updates done by manufacturers
  • Technical limitations of ERP systems, which cannot act as a product database efficiently.

Product Content is Critical to Successful Ecommerce

Nowadays Ecommerce businesses cannot prosper without high-quality product data. And the more products the company sells — the harder it’s to put product descriptions and visuals in order. In this infographic, you can see how businesses set up their product content flows at different stages of a company’s development.

When an online store is launched, everyone begins with the basics to start receiving orders fast. Time goes by, the product portfolio expands, and sales volume increases. It’s not always obvious when the product content flows should be upgraded. A lot of people inside a company are accustomed to how things happen, and they already work.

Productivity in product data management

As a result, there are enormous opportunities to increase efficiency in setting the data strategy and software. So this infographic could share ideas to enhance the way things happen now to bring the business to the next level. It would share inspiration to make new steps to productivity in product data management.

Although there could be slight differences with reality, the image shows the most popular scenarios across the niche. Sometimes it happens that small Ecommerce shops have a deep automatization level. Sometimes it’s happening, that industry giants — do not have. But in general, the tendency is as following.

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Product Content Flow Infographic

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