Professional Athletes That Have Served Our Country

For some people, excelling in their chosen careers isn’t enough. What makes their lives fulfilling is to serve the country in any way. And we’ve seen some of these people in the history—people who are professional athletes, yet enlisted in the military to serve the nation. A true mark of patriotism. Here are some of them:

1. Jerry Coleman – Participated in two wars: Korean War and WW II. He was also an outstanding Major League Baseball player.
2. Bob Kalsu – A courageous professional football player, he lost his life in the Vietnam War when his unit came under enemy mortar fire.
3. Pat Tillman – Joined the Army after the 9/11 attack. Prior to that, he was a remarkable footballer.
4. Joe Dimaggio – Despite being a baseball legend, he enlisted in the United States Army on February 1943 to fight for the country.
5. Jack Lummus – One of the first wave of troops to arrive at Iwo Jima. He stayed there to continue the battle.
6. Bob Feller – A Cleveland Indians pitcher who turned out


Professional Athletes That Have Served Our Country

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