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Reaching out to Instagram Influencers the Right Way

Finding the right influencer is very important for promoting your business on social media platforms. Here are the ways to approach them the right way.

With an increasing number of people using mobile phones, social media has become a great marketing platform for businesses. More people are taking to the internet to convey their opinions about and to research brands. This is a great opportunity for marketers as they have an innovative way to reach out to their target audience.

This is why influencer marketing is gaining importance and Instagram is topping the popularity charts. The influencers on Instagram have a huge impact on their followers. A lot of people are seeking influencers’ opinions before buying products. Because of this, you should know how to reach out to an influencer, the right way. Here are some of the best ways of doing it:

1. Know Your Influencer
It is very important to know your influencer before you draft a proposal and reach out to them. Do some research into their work. Read their posts and their followers’ comments on them. Look into the content they are posting and whether it matches your value proposition.

Research what type of brands they have partnered with in the past. Make sure they don’t endorse your direct competition. This will be a conflict of interest for them and will not benefit you. You should know your influencer, else you may end up wasting a lot of time and effort.

2. Offer Value
Before you approach an Instagram influencer, you need to draft a detailed proposal. You should mention all of the points clearly so that there is no room for confusion. The influencer should know what the expectation is and the delivery deadlines.

Be specific when you mention the compensation process. You should tell them in advance whether you are offering them monetary compensation, free products or services, or both.

3. Treat Them with Respect
Whenever approaching an influencer, be respectful and professional. You may have a big brand, but you should always be polite to someone who is going to promote your brand. This reflects positively on your brand and your professionalism will be appreciated.

Influencers’ opinions matter to their followers. And, if you are rude in your approach, you might get negative reviews from them which will bring down your brand’s reputation.

You need to address them correctly and politely. Also, give them time to think about the proposal and be available for any further discussion.

4. Follow Up
Once you have pitched your proposal, wait for the influencers to respond. You may need to follow up on your proposal as influencers are busy people and they may forget to reply to you.
Be polite when you follow up.

Be aggressive in your approach but do not be rude. Don’t flood their inbox with your emails. If you do not get a reply within a specific time frame, then send them gentle reminders.

Over to You
These are some of the steps that will help you reach out to an influencer in the correct way. You should remember that, when you approach someone to promote your brand, your behavior is a reflection of your company’s value proposition. If you leave a positive impression, the influencer may be more inclined to work with you and it will show in their promotion.

To learn more about how to approach influencers, the right way, check out this infographic by iFluenz.

Reaching out to Instagram Influencers the Right Way

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