Replacement Lenses: Vision Tailored For You

Replacement lenses are the new way eyeglass users are replacing their glasses. Instead of paying high prices for buying an entirely new pair of glasses each year, consumers are transitioning to simply replacing their lenses when they are scratched or damaged. The best part of this process is that there are so many options to choose from so that you can be sure to find the best lenses for you!

At the basic level, lenses can be divided into segments to correct vision both near and far. Bifocal lenses are segmented to support reading as well as distance vision. Trifocal lenses are segmented even more and add support for intermediate distances. Progressive lenses can be combined with prescription lenses that include benefits such as less distortion, wider viewing areas, and easier adaption than multifocal lenses.

Consumers can also pick the materials and lens coating for added benefits. Plastic lenses are the most affordable lens option and they provide high optical clarity. Polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof and impact resistant and they are made of very thin material for an overall lightweight feel. This can make them susceptible to scratches, however, so if you often damage your lenses these may not be the choice for you. Not to worry though, glass lenses are available that are naturally scratch-resistant and provide the highest optical clarity.

Most lenses can be coated with scratch resistant and UV protection for no additional charge for additional benefits. Other coatings include anti-reflection which can reduce glare from surfaces and screens to reduce eye strain. Blue- blocking coatings can reduce blue wavelength light to aid your mood and sleep routine. Lenses can even be color tinted for additional niche benefits.

The options for replacement lenses are limitless! If you are tired of paying for new glasses each year, replacement lenses might be the solution you are looking for. You can learn more about the many different lens options in the infographic below:

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