Which Restaurants Had the Most Sales in 2020?

There is a new study out and it that might not be such a shock for many to hear that more people in the US became obese during the Covid19 pandemic. With lockdowns preventing gym workouts, sports and even some outdoor activity bans, it is truly no surprise people gained weight. With nothing to do and the stress of the world around them, many people turned to eating to feel better. Adults who responded to the study also said they were snacking more frequently and consuming more alcohol along with their decrease in physical activity.

A whopping 42% of U.S. adults answered yes to gaining weight during the pandemic and the increase was an eye-watering 29 pounds. That is a lot of weight to gain in a year and can be harder to get off especially as you get older. People who have worked from home for a year are realizing their office clothes no longer fit. Gyms have seen a huge uptick in memberships with people realizing it is time to get back into a healthy routine and leave the craziness of the pandemic behind them for good.

Restaurants have also seen an uptick in customers but many, especially fast food restaurants, actually saw their profits increase during the pandemic, which would follow the upward trend of expanding waistlines.

McDonalds saw the biggest profits and a 4% increase in 2020, raking in $39.53 billion dollars according to this chart from howtocook.recipes that ranked the top 50 restaurants by sales in 2020. Applebee’s was the restaurant that fared the worst in 2020 facing closures and a terrifying 31% loss from the year before. Red Robin, Cheesecake Factory, IHOP and TGI Fridays rounded out the top 5 for profit loss in 2020 most likely because they had to close for indoor eating completely.

Which Restaurants Had the Most Sales in 2020 Infographic

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