The Richest Town in Every US State

This chart from the team at titlemax of the Richest Town in Every US State was an interesting read. The first fact that surprised me reading through it was that 67% of folks living in Kansas had household incomes of more than $200,000.

The word ‘Hills’ seems to indicate wealthy cities

I do understand agriculture is a booming industry, and the Midwest has plenty of that, but it was intriguing no doubt. I thought it was pretty interesting that each of the households with that exceeding $200,000 income had the word ‘hills” in the name of the city or town referenced at the bottom. I’m curious if there’s some connection between that, although unlikely.

Secondly with inflation coming to record highs in my lifetime and the cost of living, how this chart may change soon nationwide. Personally, being from New England I would have thought that Connecticut would be on the higher end of cost of living, but it seems pretty median in comparison to the midwest states, I mean Tennessee!? It is beautiful out there, and I’m sure the agriculture industry and tourism have contributed.

Looking through this chart, I can’t help but think about all of the people that make up our country that don’t make nearly this much money. The median income across the US is just over $67,000. Some of these towns on the higher end of that spectrum probably have never had to worry about where their gas money is going to come from.

The top ten richest towns in every US state are below:

  • California — Monte Sereno, $250,000+
  • Tennessee — Belle Meade, $250,000+
  • Illinois — Glencoe, $248,851
  • Texas — Bunker Hill Village, $247,188
  • Washington — Clyde Hill, $238,958
  • Maryland — Chevy Chase Village, $238,333
  • Colorado — Cherry Hills Village, $250,000+
  • Kansas — Mission Hills, $250,000+
  • New Jersey — Short Hills, $250,000+
  • RNew York — Scarsdale, $250,000+
The Richest Town in Every US State

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