The SaaS Marketer’s Guide to Product Led Growth Marketing

Product marketing usually works for pre-sales, while growth marketing focuses on post-sales, but you can merge the two. This can be done through product-led marketing that focuses on growth.

How does product growth marketing work and how can SaaS leaders implement it into their strategy?

Follow these steps and use our infographic to walk you through them.

  • First, you must understand your customer’s pain points to improve their experiences overall. These changes can take place by improving customer service, adding new features, or creating a more efficient onboarding process.
  • Then, show your customers the value of your product and why they need it. Video is the most effective tool to teach potential users about your product, especially in short form.
  • Be sure to set proper expectations and keep the promises you made about what your product can deliver.
  • And, when users are onboarding, make the experience as easy as possible. Provide solutions such as live support, communicate and clarify milestones, and anticipate their needs over time.
  • Finally, when adding new features, make sure they are not just for show and that they actually solve pain points for your customers. You can figure out what your users are looking for with research and surveys. You can also review other valuable data such as customer profiles, social media analytics, census results, and transactions.

Use our infographic to launch your product-led marketing strategy.

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