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A search engine is a program that helps people to find information online. Using keywords, people can locate the exact information they need. With millions of websites online, search engines can provide results quickly by continuously scanning the Internet and indexing every page they find. Market share of search engines will help to determine which search engines are most used worldwide. In addition, it will be helpful to understand which search engine provides the most accurate results.

Google (92%)

According to the August 2022 search engine market share report, google holds 92% of the total share. This means that most people use this platform for their searches. Due to Google’s dominance, there is a claim that the company maintains a monopoly on search. However, Google provides users with exactly what they need.

Bing (3.33%)

Bing has succeeded in increasing its market share through partnerships and collaborations despite its inferiority to Bing and Google as search engines. Bing currently holds 3.33% of the total search engine market share.

Yahoo (1.34%)

The most amazing feature of Yahoo is that the search result can be filtered by the publishing date. Yahoo was a quite popular search engine before 2004. Currently, it holds a market share of 1.34%. Bing and Yahoo are now working together. Whenever users search for a result in yahoo, they are primarily viewing bing results.

Yandex (0.97%)

Yandex is a Russian search engine that started its journey in 1993. In 2011 It went public on New York Stock Exchange. Currently, the search engine holds a market share of 0.97%

Baidu (0.84%)

Baidu is a Chinese search engine founded in 2000. Currently, it holds 0.84% of the total market share for Chinese search engines.

DuckDuckGO (0.71%)

DuckDuckGo protects the privacy of its users. The platform does not collect data or information about its users to show them ads. As a result, DuckDuckGo stands out from other search engines. With a market share of 0.71%, the search engine is gaining popularity. Other search engines around the world hold a share of 0.81%. (altogether).

Taking the majority of the search engine market share, Google is the undisputed leader in online search. However, you shouldn’t ignore other popular search engines as well.


Search Engine Market Share Worldwide Infographic

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