3 Major Reasons Why Web Design and Ad Agencies Need SEO Coaching

The following infographic discusses 3 major reasons why web design and advertising agencies need professional SEO coaching. SEO, short for search engine optimization, is more important than ever. Especially today with a rapidly growing number of websites worldwide and only a very limited number of places on Google’s first page.

In other words companies want to achieve higher Google rankings for their websites. At the same time they want to offer SEO independently to their customers as a service. Last but not least, SEO is ever changing and SEO coaching is the most effective way to learn and instantly implement SEO. Especially for beginners in the field.

The Benefits of Professional SEO Coaching

Traditional SEO consulting normally only covers specific questions. Mostly from clients with significant SEO experience. Even SEO newbies, for example employees without any SEO knowledge, are fully supported and guided by their SEO coach until the ultimate goal is reached. An experienced SEO coach explains complicated terms in a simple way and get employees interested in the topic of SEO. An experienced coach explains complicated terms to employees in an easy to understand way.

For web design companies and ad agencies that don’t offer SEO yet, an SEO coaching that shows employees how to optimize websites on their own, is extremely valuable as they can offer SEO as a service afterwards. Only very few web design and advertising agencies have their own SEO department. Most employees have at best rudimentary knowledge about SEO keywords, search algorithms and ranking factors.

Nowadays customers expect that web design agencies help them rank first on google. In reality this is rarely the case. Most web agencies refer clients to specialized SEO agency. As a result it complicates the work processes and communication between the parties involved. If you look at it that way it is definitely worth booking an SEO coach.

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SEO Coaching Infographic

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