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Setting Up an R&D Center in Ukraine

Some world-known companies (such as Google, Samsung. Ericsson, Siemens, and others) have established their R&D centers in Ukraine.

Companies who are aiming to upgrade the quality of their technical solutions and bring more innovative ideas and solutions to their projects, quite often make a decision to open a Research & Development center in foreign countries. Benefits of this decision include lower costs, access to industry talents, the opportunity for higher income and faster product introduction in the marketplace.

Usually, it’s done due to much lower development costs in Ukraine (compared to many other countries worldwide), skilled and highly dedicated Ukrainian programmers, manageable legal restrictions & tax processes. Learn more on the infographic about why it’s worth opening an R&D center in Ukraine, how much developers make here, what are the risks and benefits of R&D setting up, and even more.


Setting Up an R&D Center in Ukraine: Facts and Stats

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