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Does Penis Size Really Matter? (Infographic)

According to a survey of women.

It’s a common topic of conversation among men and women alike – penis size. Some people say it doesn’t matter, while others insist that it’s the most important thing.

There is a lot of confusion about how big a man’s penis should be. Men are constantly inquiring about the size of the average penis. This question comes up for many reasons. Some men feel like their penis size does not satisfy their partner.

The average penis size can vary depending on ethnicity and life expectancy, but in general most women find that the size does not matter. The survey was based on self reporting of women and there was no information on the size of the partner’s penis.

Does size really matter? According to a survey of women it does not. We’re Breaking It Down! Check out our ‘Sex: by numbers’ infographic.

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Does Penis Size Really Matter? (Infographic)

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