Small Businesses Are Planning For a Digital Future

Did you know that in 2020 Americans created 2.8 million more online microbusinesses than they did in 2019? With social distancing policies keeping customers at home, many businesses suffered extreme losses in their sales. As a result of this, 59% of small businesses had to lay off a substantial amount of their employees, and 30% were even forced to shut their doors. Transitioning to online platforms allowed for small businesses to continue making sales to their customers while following all social distancing procedures.

Today, many agency owners who started their businesses are looking for digital agency growth through scalability. Those who did not move online are now thinking of transitioning after seeing the success others experienced. In fact, 45% of small businesses are ready to start planning for a digital future, and 28% are already working on it.

Business Transition to Digital Platforms

The transition to digital platforms can be difficult for some owners, as they handle almost every aspect of their business themselves. Trying to balance sales, client management, and team performance while completely altering a business model can be very stressful and can actually take away from a businesses success in the long run. In order to prevent a loss of efficiency and potential success, some small business owners are turning to digital business systems in order to stay organized.

Digital business systems are designed to help small businesses owners build a resilient and scalable business. These systems can help to manage things like business progress, team performance, and documentation. Tracking performance for each pillar of a business can help to identify strengths and gaps so owners can make necessary changes over time. In doing so, small businesses can continue to grow and become more successful.

With so many small businesses suffering during the pandemic, it is important that owners start to take steps in order to rebuild. Utilizing business systems and transitioning to digital platforms can be a great way for owners to improve their sales and ensure their success even after taking losses in the past.

How Small Businesses Are Planning For a Digital Future

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  1. This information is spot on! I recently posted on Instgram about these same facts. Positioning your company for growth is critical for the survival of small business. Great infographic!


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