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Sodium Dichloroacetate Against Cancer

Soon, there were more advanced treatments for cancer like immunotherapy and targeted medicine, which were thanks to increasing insight into cancer biology. These medications had the ability to increase the immune system’s reaction to cancerous cells, and limit the cancer’s growth, multiplication, and spread.

Surprisingly, the investigation process led to several unexpected realizations – severe metabolic changes were noticed to be a typical feature of many cancers. Together with the rise of drug repurposing, these findings allowed for metabolic cancer treatments, which saw Sodium dichloroacetate becoming the most noteworthy example of this method.

With this infographic we are looking to inform people of the various types of cancer that sodium dicloroacetate can help in curing and how it works to specifically target and inhibit tumor cells. The infographic will feature different types of cancers that can be treated with this particular drug, how exactly sodium dicloroacetate works, any possible side effects and safety measures that are needed when being treated with this drug. It will also include general information about cancer and the importance of treating it with targeted medicines. Learn more here.

Lukas Halim

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