Specialized Lenses: Catering to Individual Needs

The eyewear market is on the rise with an estimated worth of $115 billion in 2021 alone and is expected to continue growing exponentially. What contributes to this steep increase in sales? Specialized eyewear used to encompass things like prescription sunglasses or safety glasses, sports specific designs, and even gaming glasses, but today the term is more specific – even down to the lenses used.

Lens replacement services allow for customers to keep their frames that they love while replacing the lenses to fit their changing needs. This doesn’t apply only to a different prescription, but lenses can be changed from single vision to bifocals or even trifocals. As people age, their needs for corrective eyewear change, and the eyewear market is making this change more convenient with the ability to online order replacement lenses as they are needed.

Specialized lenses don’t end at just the type of vision they address, lenses can also come with specialized coating for individual needs. Coatings such as UV protectants shield the eyes from harmful UV rays. This is done with an invisible dye that doesn’t change the appearance of the lens, but still offers the protection wearers need. Other coatings available include anti fog and anti reflection which both keep the lens from being impaired from outside forces such as bright lights or general humidity. Even scratch resistant coating is available for wearers who are prone to damaging their lenses in everyday use.

These different options cater to individual needs, and allow for a more personalized experience when looking for the right pair of corrective eyewear. This selection also ensures that people who need corrective eyewear are able to gain all the benefits they can from their lenses that they can’t gain from their normal eyesight.  Eyewear users should be taking advantage of this mass selection in order to ensure they are using the perfect lens for their own personal needs.

Specialized Lenses: Catering to Individual Needs (Infographic)

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