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10 Fun Hockey Facts

Hockey, just like other sports, has many interesting stories. Have you heard about the famous hockey prank in 1974? What about the first woman to play in NHL? Brace yourself, here are some interesting facts about hockey:

1. There was no exact date when was hockey created.
2. Stanley Cup (1893) came first before the National Hockey League (1917).
3. There were 2 years in which Stanley Cup was not awarded: Spanish Flu pandemic in 1919 and NHL lockout in 2005.
4. Dave Ritchie of the Montreal Wanderers made the first NHL goal on December 19, 1917.
5. Frank Zamboni developed the Ice Cleaning Machine in 1940.
6. Marguerite Norris was the first woman team executive in NHL.
7. Manon Rhéaume, goaltender, was the first female to play in an NHL game.
8. Bobby Orr signed the first million dollar contract in NHL.
9. The biggest hockey prank occurred in 1974 when Buffalo Sabres drafted an imaginary hockey player.
10. The hockey puck is frozen before each game.

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10 Fun Hockey Facts

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