Starting a New Job Checklist: Steps for Success

Just got hired at a new job, and want to make a positive first impression? From deciding on how to dress to knowing what to bring, starting somewhere new can be a nerve wracking time. Feeling prepared is half the battle. With that in mind knowing a thing or two about what to prepare for can quickly set you up for success. That why we created this ‘Starting a New Job Checklist’ for you.

‘Starting a New Job Checklist’ leading up to your first day 

Familiarize yourself with the commute 

If you have to drive to work, make sure to take into account the actual time it takes for you to get there. This includes traffic, accidents, and finding parking. It’s your first day, so expect the unexpected. One good tip is to go to the actual location a day or two before, so you can know exactly where it is, and how to get there.

Make sure to get enough sleep

It’s the night before your big day. You want to feel well rested so you can wake up feeling fresh in the morning. Avoid alcohol or any mind-altering substances that you think may affect your ability to fall asleep or wake up energized the next day. 

Get ready ahead of time

Don’t wait until the last minute. Take a few minutes to pick out your outfit the night before, and decide on what you may want to bring with you like snacks or a cooked meal. This can really help you feel like you’re covering all your bases. 

What to bring with you on your first day

Make a checklist and have it handy 

Not sure of what you might need? Talk to your supervisor and ask them if there are any documents you will need to have handy. Whether you use your own computer or the company’s laptop, have some chargers ready, and any kind of extra necessities like toiletries or your favorite water bottle filled up. 

Bring your go-to notepad and something to write with

It’s your first day, so there will probably be a lot of new login information and things that you will need to memorize, so bring something easy to write with.

Preparing for first impressions

Dress to impress

Need I say more? They say that first impressions are hard to let down, so make sure yours is one to remember, for all the right reasons. 

Things to Accomplish in Your First Week

Set goals for yourself 

The first week can be a lot of just setting up new account logins, meeting new people, and familiarizing yourself with the role. So set some goals for yourself. Maybe it’s having lunch with some of your coworkers, or learning more about how you can excel at your position. Find what works for you. This can very quickly help you set yourself up for success not only for your first week, but for the rest of time at this new job. 

For more information on ways you can prepare yourself for starting at your new job, check out Mint’s infographic below.

Starting a New Job Checklist

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