Stay Ahead of Tax Deadlines by Knowing These Dates

Tax season can be a stressful time for startups, especially when it comes to keeping track of important deadlines. Fortunately, Cleer is here to make taxes less painful for all. Cleer has created a 2023 Tax Deadline Calendar specifically for startups, C-Corps, Partnerships, and S-Corps. The calendar provides a clear overview of important filing requirements and deadlines in an easy-to-read infographic format.

The 2023 Tax Deadline Calendar includes several important dates that startups need to keep in mind. For example, on January 31, payments for employees and independent contractors are due. This includes payments for 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, 1099-K, W-2, and W-3 forms. On February 1, there is an opt-out deadline for federal and state returns extension, which Cleer recommends taking advantage of to avoid the risk of penalties.

Other important dates on the calendar include March 15, which is the deadline for S-Corp and Partnership extensions. Corporations must file an extension to avoid penalties on a per-partner, per-month basis. The calendar also notes that penalties are being assessed by the IRS on late 8805s and 1042s for dividends and owner payouts. April 18th and June 15th are the respective deadlines for Q1 and Q2 tax payments.

In addition to providing a clear overview of important tax deadlines, Cleer’s 2023 Tax Deadline Calendar also includes information on penalties. For example, late-filing penalties for corporate tax owed and late payment penalties can add up quickly, making it even more important to stay on top of deadlines.

Overall, Cleer’s 2023 Tax Deadline Calendar is an excellent resource for startups looking to make taxes less painful. By providing a clear overview of important deadlines and requirements, the calendar helps startups stay organized and avoid costly penalties. With Cleer’s help, startups can focus on what they do best, knowing that their tax obligations are under control.

2023 Tax
Deadlines for Startups - C-Corps, Partnerships and S-Corps

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