Successful Infographics Go Viral: 5 Promotional Techniques

Using infographics to relay information or to market brands and products is now a hot trend with online businesses. Over the past few years, these graphical presentations have gone up in popularity. In fact, more and more companies employ infographic designers to come up with creative designs and methods to represent data in interesting and compelling ways; however, in order for the infographics to be successful, it needs infographics Go Viral.

Infographics Go Viral: 5 Promotional Techniques

It doesn’t matter whether the infographic has great content or not, the point will become moot if it fails to get any exposure. When creating infographics, you need to remember that the main goal is to get it to go viral. Here are a few tips for promoting infographics.

Gather Data And Information From Reliable SourcesSupport-gets-social-small

When making infographics, you must gather factual and reliable data and information. If you present erroneous data, it will drive your audience away, and your brand will have a bad reputation.

To avoid this problem, you must only use reliable, trusted, and authoritative sources. This means gathering information from Government pages, established online and print publications, and trusted survey results.

Press Release

Although a press release will not help improve or maximize your search engine optimization campaign, it is still an excellent technique to attract viewers and improve traffic. When promoting your infographics, it is advisable to at least run a few press releases once your infographics is published.

Distribute Your Infographics To Social Media Platforms

Another tip to promote your graphical presentation is to create a short blog post about the information found in your infographic. This means taking a few points from your graphical presentation and creating one or two short paragraphs about it. This will serve as an introduction which will draw the viewers’ attention and entice them to click and view your graphical presentation. This promotional tactic will help spread your infographics through the blog’s social channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, and bookmarking sites.

After creating a blog post, you can also share your infographic through image hosting websites, such as Pinterest and Flickr. What you can do is take a screenshot of your graphical presentation and share it on these websites with links back to the main site hosting the full presentation. You can also upload the full image to Flickr, adding an attractive and unique title and description with a link back to your website. These promotional techniques will drive more traffic to your website while your infographics gain momentum online.

Email Promotion

Another tip in marketing this visual communication tool is through email promotion wherein you send emails to your in-house prospect or customer list. You can include a screenshot of the infographic and a link pointing to the original source for viewers to see the full image. Remember though to avoid sending spam emails and avoid flooding your contact list with the same message. This will turn them off the readers and will give your brand or product a bad name.

Scheduled Tweets

The idea is to schedule tweets of certain data points extracted from your information graphic. You can make one tweet for each fact from your infographic then roll out a series of tweets promoting your graphical information. This means that if your visual presentation covers 10 facts then you need to make 10 tweets.

Lastly, you must use tags that are relevant to the information you are sharing. Tags can help in indexing your infographic in various search engines. With that said, you must remember to add interesting and relevant keywords.

There are various ways to promote or market excellent content. The tips listed in this article are just a few promotional techniques that can help get an infographic to go viral.

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