Sustainable Face Masks: Eco-Friendly Safety From Cork Masks

It’s sad that on top of a pandemic we are also experiencing a massive uptick in pollution and landfill-clogging waste. What if there were a better way? Eco Friendly Cork masks can offer a sustainable solution.

We all have to wear face masks everywhere we go these days. If we don’t the pandemic is just going to destroy our economy. The economy can’t make a comeback until the pandemic is under control. Wearing masks is the single most effective way we have right now to make that happen.

As a result there is an uptick in disposable personal protective equipment like masks and gloves. Unfortunately they are often discarded at the point of use, usually in a grocery store parking lot.

Washable, reusable face masks are the way to go for people who are not in the medical field, but are there advantages to different kinds of materials? Most reusable masks are made from cotton.

Lots of folks are using bandannas and handkerchiefs, which, while convenient, are not the best at preventing the transmission of the liquid droplets that carry virus particles.

Multi-layer cotton masks offer better protection. Cotton masks are the most common and have great effectiveness. However, cotton isn’t necessarily the most environmentally-friendly material from which to make reusable masks.

Cork is a sustainable material that is not only reusable and recyclable. When the cork is harvested off the trees the trees absorb five times more carbon dioxide. On top of that, cork is naturally antimicrobial, which makes it a perfect material for fighting a pandemic.

Learn more about cork masks below.

Eco-Friendly Safety From Cork Masks

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