7 Ways to Write Effective Headlines for Blog Posts

7 ways to write effective headlines for blog posts. Whenever you write articles for your blog you get stuck looking for ways to write headlines, it’s a classic. This is because the title has multiple functions and all of them are very important. It must capture the public’s attention but at the same time it … Read more

Why All Businesses Should Be Using Live Video

In an age of increased digitalization, which has been accelerated by the pandemic, demand for real-time information and content has become greater than ever. Live video, also known as live streaming, enables this instantaneous information flow, whether it be for entertainment, business or even hospital appointments. As the use cases for live video have multiplied, … Read more

Vertical Videos: The Future of Video Marketing? [Infographic]

The infographic from Breadnbeyond below will unpack the power of vertical videos for your video marketing campaigns. Let’s admit it; most of us access the internet using our mobile phones– whether it’s making online purchases, scrolling through social media feeds, reading news, even replying to emails. According to the stats, almost 57% of all web … Read more

Storytelling: Learning the Tools to Power Your Story

What is storytelling? Storytelling is a form of communication that uses stories to convey information or to entertain. It can be oral or written, and it often involves characters and a setting. Storytelling can be used to teach values or lessons, to tell a story of someone’s life, or to amuse an audience. Approximately 152 … Read more

How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Process: A Small Guide

Anyone who has ever told you that content marketing is easy lied to you. It’s hard. You create content designed to solve your target audience problems and then publish and promote it. But you never really know which content will be a hit or a miss. And that’s where the beauty of it is. If … Read more

Impact of using videos in marketing for businesses

Video content has always been a favorite for both marketers and consumers. Consumers tend to engage more with videos and connect with a brand that used videos in their marketing strategy. We saw many people blabbing about how superior video content is. It proved to be engaging in our Facebook ads too. So, we decided … Read more