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What is a Digital Wallet?

What is a Digital Wallet

A digital wallet is a convenient way to carry your debit or credit card information on your mobile device. Learn more in this blog from Community First. via communityfirstfl.org

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The Cost of Bad Credit

Is it worth it to improve your credit score? It all comes down to money. You will pay more money for vehicle and home purchases if you have a poor credit score. You will spend more of your hard-earned cash on interest than you’d like to believe. But don’t take those statements at face value. The following examples will demonstrate …

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5 myths about your credit score

If you’re hoping to improve your credit score, learning exactly how the system works is the first step. Understanding the truth about what impacts your credit score will help you plan to reach your goals. In this infographic, Community First Credit Union dispels five popular myths about credit ratings. via communityfirstfl.org

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What Could The Total American Household Debt Purchase

American Consumer Household Debt totaled $11,740,000,000,000 in 2014. Yes, that is $11.74 TRILLION! Americans don’t seem to fully comprehend this number, therefore, we have created the infographic below to help our fellow Americans visually understand the enormity of consumer household debt. We found some of the most expensive things that money can buy, and then the amount of times we …

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Infographic: 5 Ways To Keep Your Credit Reports Clean

Maintaining good credit is essential to having healthy financials, and in this day and age, your credit is a huge indicator of worthiness to most financial institutions. Good credit is a critical component to getting a home loan, car loan, credit cards, student loans, renting an apartment or home, and even getting a job! Just as your home and car …

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