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E-Cigarettes the benefits of switching from traditional cigarettes

Smoking traditional cigarettes has many negative health implications and this has been widely publicized. Many people have now made the switch to smoking e-cigarettes with e-liquids- but are they equally as bad? We take a look at the health benefits of making the switch, along with new law changes and how the general public really feel. What are your thoughts …

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Facts & Statistics About E-Liquid

We take a look at what you will find in your e-liquids as well as what the cigarette equivalent of the various nicotine levels is. In a 10ml bottle of e-liquid we have found that you will get around 1800 puffs and within the various strengths of e-liquid you can can anywhere between half a cigarette to a full cigarette …

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Infographic: The Complete History of Electronic Cigarette

Joyetech UK have released a helpful infographic designed to help people best understand electronic cigarettes, their benefits and what they contain. The infographic ‘Electronic Cigarette 101’ is designed to help people understand 5 basic sections of electronic cigarette in the guise of 5 school lessons – history, maths, science, business and ecology.

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