World War 2 Victory Ships

World War 2 was a global conflict like no other. The vast distances required to transport war materials required newer state of the art ships. The Victory Ship would be America’s answer to the war effort’s shipping problem. Victory Ships replaced the aging fleet of Liberty Ships. Up until the introduction of the Victory Ship, … Read more

25 Ways to Learn Faster, Learn How to Memorize Things Fast

So much to learn, so little time. The folks at created this brilliant infographic explaining you how to learn faster. 25 techniques you can use to accelerate your learning and get much better, much faster. Let us know what you think! How to learn quickly So, how to learn fast? First things first, get your … Read more

Using and Fixing Passive Voice Professionally

Wondering how to proofread your paper on passive voice mistakes? Having troubles with correcting sentence structure? Interested in what the most typical errors related to passive voice are? By checking this infographic you may find out when choosing passive voice or active voice is the right choice. Common myths about it, how to correct it … Read more

All You Should Know About Prepositions

By checking this infographic, you can find easy but so important tips and tricks on using prepositions accurately. Many students, writers and others who are involved in the writing process want to make sure their content pieces are written and revised as perfectly as possible. However, sometimes they make mistakes, small but very crucial ones … Read more

How did education change during the pandemic?

In many countries, schools and universities are closed for quarantine or work remotely. Therefore, ministries of education are looking for ways to educate children in a pandemic. Researchers from the United States found that a long break in learning leads to a loss of knowledge and skills. Over the summer, students lose about a month … Read more

20 Memory Techniques to Improve Your Learning

We’ve prepared an infographic that contains 20 memory techniques that will boost your memory and improve your leasrning. Following our simple lifehacks will improve your learning process and help you boost your grades. It contains advice regarding physical exercises, sleeping habits, and tips on how to work with the information you need to memorize. Most … Read more

Not All Doom & Gloom: Coronavirus Business Success Stories

The COVD-19 virus has had a devastating impact on the world’s health and economy. There is no denying this life-altering moment in history has very little good to offer, but there are a few glimmers of light in the darkness. While many businesses struggle under the weight of this pandemic, a select few have managed … Read more

The Rise Of STEM Education

Why is STEM education suddenly so important? During the Cold War the government went to Universities and recruited students to work in engineering and science fields, but it wasn’t enough to keep the United States competitive. By the 1990s, more than half of patents granted in the United States had been given to foreign companies … Read more