25 Health Benefits of Cycling

What are the health benefits of cycling? Everyone knows how important exercise is to your health and well being. Few people know however that biking can help improve many aspects of your life with just a few rides a week! In this infographic, we have outlined twenty-five different ways that biking can have a prolonged … Read more

How Does Running Change Your Body? (Infographic)

Why do people run? How to pick running shoes? How does running change your body? Check out this infographic to see how running can change your life – for good! It’s exhausting, tedious, and consumes time that could have been better spent elsewhere. If you’ve been giving yourself these excuses all this while, it is … Read more

13 Best Stretch Exercises for Wheelchair Users

New infographic created by a power wheelchair company KD Smart Chair, visualizes the best 13 stretching exercises for wheelchair users. Sitting long hours in a wheelchair may cause back pains, stress, joint discomfort, muscle tensions. Sitting too long in a wheelchair may lead to lower back pain and tightening of back muscles and joints. Under … Read more