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5 reasons why U.S. financial markets love Donald Trump

why U.S. financial markets love Donald Trump

From 8 November 2016, the day of Trump’s victory, U.S. stock market indices all hit all-time record highs and experienced very strong raises. It seems that financial markets love the president of the USA. This infographic helps you to find out why. via iltradingperte.com

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Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading

Beginner's Guide to Day Trading

Day trading consists of buying and selling the same securities within one day. It’s not investing, per se, but capitalizing on the price movements found within a 24-hour period and making money that way. via suretrader.com

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Log book loans – What you need to know

Log book loans - What you need to know

If you need cash quick then a log book loan is for you. However, not all log bok loans are created equal. Many companies charge hidden fees for things such as early repayments. This infographic highlights the things you need to know if you are considering a log book loan. via carcashpoint.co.uk

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15 shocking facts about payday loans

shocking facts about payday loans

No-one likes payday loans. But some people rely on them, as they have no other way to finance their day to day lives. At cashfloat.co.uk we make it our duty to educate our borrowers, and guide them in how to avoid taking loans unless they have to. As part of a recent campaign, we created this fabulous and informative infographic, …

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Impact of Raising Interest Rates On Stock Performance

Interest Rates On Stock Performance

When the Federal Reserve (Fed) raises interest rates, it impacts many parts of the economy, including the stock market. Shrinking the money supply helps to keep the lid on inflation, a primary concern of the Fed. It also makes it more expensive to borrow money, causing consumers and businesses to cut back on spending. This, in turn, can lead to …

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Renaix Salary Survey 2016 Infographic

Infographic Results of the Renaix Salary Survey 2016 This is the first in a series of short surveys used to assess how audit and finance professionals are responding to current industry challenges. We are able to draw on a large international audit and finance community which means that the report offers a unique view of current industry salaries around the …

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Presidential Elections: How do they Affect Stock Market Performance?

Ever since the stock market became a prominent part of the financial world, investors have wondered how presidential elections impact stock market performance. The answer is – it depends. Specifically, it depends on a number of factors, ranging from the political party of the incumbent to whether the current president is in his first or second term. The state of …

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Must Read before you give birth

At Cashfloat.co.uk we understand the stress of being financially tight, so we’ve researched what helps other pregnant mums. And what’s more, we have put it together in a fun infographic for an easier read. The purpose of this infographic is to assist pregnant mums-to-be to manage with the mounting expenses that a newborn comes with. It will teach them how …

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What is a Digital Wallet?

What is a Digital Wallet

A digital wallet is a convenient way to carry your debit or credit card information on your mobile device. Learn more in this blog from Community First. via communityfirstfl.org

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Candlesticks Cheat Sheet

Candlestick charts are the number one way to present financial price data. I love them because they allow me to quickly and easily visualise the market and analyse recent price action before placing a trade. Whether it’s in a particular stock, a currency pair, or a commodity, once you know how to read candlestick charts you can very quickly gauge …

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Investments for Small Amounts of Money

Investing with a low amount of money is harder than to invest with a bigger amount, that’s obvious. But just because it’s harder that doesn’t mean you need to give up! CC Bank has created a very good article regarding investments with a low amounts of money. Highly recommended to give it a read. via ccbank.us

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8 Ways to Help Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a number that controls many opportunities in your life. Approval of mortgages, car loans, business loans and more are all affected by your credit score. Although having a spotless credit score is what everyone wants, it’s easy to sometimes fall into bad habits that lead to a decrease in your credit score. The folks over at …

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Parents guide to teaching children about money management

money management

Teach your children some important life lessons including how money works, the importance of saving, how to budget and how credit works with this handy infographic guide. Lessons like these are important to learn at a young age in order for your children to avoid financial problems when they become an adult. via shepherdsfriendly.co.uk

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What Am I Worth? Understanding Your Salary

Understanding Your Salary

Check what you’re worth in regards to salary with this latest visual post from national recruiter, Pertemps. Whether you’re in the heart of the city, or out in the sticks, understanding how salary is reflected in job role, location and industry is vital for your own motivation. Use the calculator to work out your worth and understand whether your salary …

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Should You Choose Temporary or Permanent Work?

Finding the right role is harder than most job seekers initially think when they begin their job search. Fortunately, this flowchart quiz from Pertemps can help decide what type of role is suited to a person’s lifestyle through a series of questions. Whether someone has considered temporary or permanent work before, this can help decide what is most suitable and …

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How to start trading with binary options in 2 minutes

This guide explains what are binary options: controlled risk, simplicity and high profitability. What you need to do to? Choose an asset, click “call” or “put”, enter amount of investment, wait to see the prediction, make the profit between 65% – 90%. What is traded in the binary options market? Currencies, stock indices and commodities. How to start? Choose your …

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5 Things To Do If You Lose Your Job

Find out how you can ease the stress of losing your job with this informative post on what to do if you find yourself needing a new job. It’s an event that can cause worry for you and the family but there are ways to ease this, from informing bill providers, to reviewing unnecessary finances, you can concentrate on your …

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Home Improvements With High Returns

Abbey Windows has created this infographic to display information on the home improvements that deliver the highest return on investment when you come to sell your home. This infographic covers everything from the return of installing a conservatory through to repairing your roof, so you can see exactly what you’re getting for your money. You can also find out which …

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Get Certified and Get Promoted: The 25 Top Certs for Accountants

Finding a specialty in any industry is a great way to separate yourself from the pack and improve the odds of you either landing a great job, or promoting at your current job. The accounting industry is no different in that continuing your education is a great way to increase your perceived value to other finance professionals. To help you, …

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The Big Four Accounting Firms

Over 85% of the worlds accounting business is conducted by just four companies. These massive public accounting firms dominate an industry with thousands of competing firms. For scale, the smallest of “The Big Four” is larger than the next 15 firms on the list, combined. How did this happen? It took decades of mergers, acquisitions, and bankruptcies to distill roughly …

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Have you ever wondered what tenants think of their landlords? Here is your opportunity to find out! CIA Insurance have conducted a survey using renters across the UK, including questions on the desired qualities in a landlord and the most important rental factors of a property. Through the results of this survey, the experts have created an infographic to highlight …

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Retirement, the Election and You

In one of the most uncertain General Elections in decades, with the a complete change to the entire landscape of British politics and culture, many people are still undecided on who to vote for. My Retirement Options want to help you decide which political party should get your vote: based on the policies that could most impact your retirement. Whether …

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