How Waffles Are Made Around the Globe

Around the world, waffles are enjoyed in many different ways, and depending on where you are, the toppings can be quite different. In the United States especially, people tend to enjoy having their waffles topped with things like whipped cream, fruit, chocolate chips and maple syrup. Meanwhile, over in Scandinavia, people tend to enjoy their … Read more

Every Way You Can Cook an Egg in One Chart

It’s no surprise that eggs are a breakfast staple around the world. There are so many different ways that you can prepare and enjoy eggs, and they’re also pretty low in calories but also very high in protein. Eggs are a very healthy option, as they’re also loaded with vitamins, minerals, iron, and disease-fighting nutrients. … Read more

How to Perfectly Flip a Pancake

Flipping a pancake to perfection is harder than it may seem! From the team at Kulick’s Pancake Recipes comes this infographic which will teach you step-by-step on how to perfectly flip a pancake. According to this visual guide, it all starts with using the right kind of pan. You’ll want to use a flat, nonstick … Read more