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3 Japanese Candlestick Names Translated

The Japanese candlestick charts provide information available from a line chart and a bar chart combined together. Each candle shows the opening price, closing price, lowest price and highest price of the session and this type of chart is preferred by many modern forex traders for it’s simplicity yet ability to deliver a lot of information. A trader can assess …

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Infographic: Rise of the Forex Empire

The Foreign Exchange Market – commonly known as the Forex Market – is the most prominent and liquid industry in the global financial industry. But what are the main mechanics behind this trillion-dollar market that makes it so significant to you and me? To put things simply, currencies are traded globally in order to conduct foreign trade, commerce and business. …

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The Essential: Forex Year in Review 2013

The Forex year in Review 2013 infographic provides traders with a “state of play” for the key statistical information that could impact their trading decisions in 2014. Having this information on hand in an easy to reference format makes it straightforward to assess Forex market fundamentals in a short space of time. Brought to you by axitrader.com

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