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What sort of housemate are you?

Gumtree South Africa presents the eight types of roommates you’ll encounter in a house share. Which one is the worst kind to live with? via gumtree.co.za

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How Much is Your Phone Worth?

Have you ever wondered how much your cell phone is worth? Gumtree South Africa has developed a helpful tool that can answer all your future questions! The phone price checker helps determine how fast your phone will sell based on how much you’re selling it for, whether it will be a fast or slow sale. Check out the tool here: …

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Infographic: Soccer Player Salary

Have you ever wondered what a soccer player salary is like? Or what position they play? Or how about the kind of car they drive? Find out with this infographic, with the top 100 most valuable soccer players presented. Brought to you by gumtree.co.za

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