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What Happens to Obamacare if Trump Wins the Election?

Obamacare if Trump Wins the Election

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) or more commonly known as the Obamacare was welcomed with mixed opinions. But as President Obama ends his term in a few weeks, people are wondering what would happen to a project that could be one of his legacies. For presidential hopeful Donald Trump, it would be best to repeal and replace it. His plan …

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Five Questions About Chiropractic

Did you know that chiropractors have more education hours than physical therapists? With only 180 educational hours less than medical doctors, chiropractors are an excellent alternative for treating neck and back pain. Chiropractic is a safe and effective practice that helps millions of Americans year round. via palmer.edu

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NHS and the European Union: The Facts

NHS and the European Union

This infographic outlines the key facts about the relationship between the NHS and the European Union. The UK’s referendum on EU membership takes place on the 23rd June, and is one of the most highly-charged political issues in the United Kingdom. An important consideration is the future of the National Health Service. Although “Leave” campaigners believe that the NHS will …

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The Crazy Cost of Prescription Drugs

The infographic uses data from a variety of reliable sources to help educate viewers on how much money is spent on a yearly basis on consumable medications. Viewers are able to break down the United States costs by state to get a better understanding of how their own state compares to others in the U.S. and abroad. via medicarehealthplans.com

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Tomorrow’s Intelligent On-Demand City

We live in an on-demand world defined by smart mobile devices, big data and the sharing economy, but today’s on-demand world is still supply-driven – constrained by the availability of resources and the intelligence of our decision making. But what if those constraints disappeared? In just a few years, our definition of “on-demand” will be a moment in history. Thanks …

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The Benefits & Applications of Temporary Humidity Control

The presence of humidity can pose sever problems for a number of industries. Commercial construction projects can fall behind schedule due to excessive humidity, food preparation labs can have a quality product damaged by humidity, the marine industry can have routine maintenance delayed due to humidity in the air, etc. This infographic illustrates the many benefits and applications of temporary …

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Infographic: The Basics of Short-Term Health Insurance

Having a gap in health insurance coverage can be a little nerve-wracking. Should you become ill or injure yourself, a single unexpected medical bill can potentially cause substantial financial strain. Short-term health insurance plans are designed to be a pocketbook-friendly coverage option during life’s in-between times. They include benefits to help pay for unexpected medical expenses such emergency room visits, …

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Laugh It Off: How Laughing is Beneficial to Your Health

Have you ever heard that laughter is the best medicine? You might be surprised to find out just how true it really is. Laughter improves our respiration, blood flow, and reduces stress while releasing endorphins in our system. Learn just how beneficial laughing is with Laugh It Off: How Laughing is Beneficial to Your Health, an infographic presented by bestmasterofscienceinnursing.com

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Infographic: The Rising Cost of Healthcare

The rising cost of healthcare has become nearly impossible to keep up with for most families all around the world. U.S. healthcare costs alone have risen 274 times since 1950, making it extremely difficult for individuals without healthcare to get the proper treatment they need. The average number of times other costs of goods have risen since 1950 is 8, …

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Infographic: Obamacare Simplified for Children

This infographic breaks down Obamacare in a simple way so even a child can understand. Below is an excerpt for the infographic. Politicians tried and failed to pass something called “health care reform” before. The cost of going to a doctor kept going up. If this didn’t change, eventually no one would be able to afford going to the doctor. …

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