How to Waterproof a Deck

This infographic provides all of the necessary steps you will want to take when you’re trying to waterproof an outdoor deck. Before you get started, make sure that you have all of the tools in place that you’ll need. This includes things like pullovers, paint roller or sprayer, ventilator, primer, liquid rubber coating, tarp, tape, … Read more

Every Way You Can Cook an Egg in One Chart

It’s no surprise that eggs are a breakfast staple around the world. There are so many different ways that you can prepare and enjoy eggs, and they’re also pretty low in calories but also very high in protein. Eggs are a very healthy option, as they’re also loaded with vitamins, minerals, iron, and disease-fighting nutrients. … Read more

How to Make Pancakes Over a Campfire

There’s nothing quite like camping. As you rough it out in the wild and enjoy life without daily necessities like electricity and running water for a few days, you’ll certainly be experiencing things that are outside of your daily routine. However, just because many things will be different doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice … Read more

How To Make Your Own Lightsaber (Infographic)

There’s always that one guy who brings a knife to a gunfight! But what if, just once, you could harness the power of the force with a lightsaber? Isn’t every Star Wars fan’s dream to wield the legendary lightsaber to blast through enemies and doors alike? And even though we don’t currently have the required … Read more

How To Clean Your Dogs Ears

If you are a pet owner, you understand the importance of keeping your dogs’ ears clean. However, this can be challenging, especially for dogs who were not conditioned to accept it or owners who do not feel comfortable doing the task. Of course, some dogs just have naturally clean ears, but this isn’t the case … Read more

How To Say I love You in Different Languages (Infographic)

In English, saying the three words, “I love you,” can hit with the force of an atom bomb or a magic spell. These words can either destroy a relationship when spoken too soon or solidify a bond when said at the right moment. And since in the United States, courtship is rather casual, this makes … Read more

Coffee Brewing Methods: 5 Coffee Brewing Guides Inspired by Lego

Getting into specialty coffee can seem intimidating at first. There aren’t just a thousand types of roast, there are all the different ways they can be ground. Not to mention the arguments about pre-ground vs grinding your own beans at home. It’s no wonder so many of us would just pop to a coffee shop … Read more

How To Budget For a Successful SEO Strategy

There are so many facets to SEO, and all must be considered and understood before coming up with a strategy. When developing an SEO budget, there are a few questions you will need to answer: What are our business goals? What does our current SEO plan look like? Which marketing channels are seeing the highest … Read more