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15 Reasons to Teach Your Kids Archery

Teach Your Kids Archery

Do you think that your kid needs a bit of healthy physical activity? Higher self-confidence? Stronger discipline? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then archery lessons may be perfect for you. While practicing archery your kid will get to exercise, develop mentally and physically, socialize with diverse group of people, all while having a ton of …

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Get Smart About School Fundraising

Our Get Smart About School Fundraising Infographic provides helpful information and best practices for fundraising. Find out what separates the ‘good’ from the ‘great’ so you can run a more effective program this year. via hshopwithscrip.com  

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The Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids

There are many reasons why a child should learn to play an instrument. Here are a few examples of how learning an instrument at an early age can help develop life skills and improve their education. via caswells-strings.co.uk

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Infographic: Age appropriate chore chart

One thing most parents find difficult when trying to introduce their children to chores is knowing what their children are capable of. You want to get them started as you know this will give them a sense of responsibility and as research shows, give them a head start when it comes to their education, meeting their career goals, as well …

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Trending Tweens: How Kids Use Social Media

Kids as young as 6 now routinely have cell phones, which means many of them have access to social media. This infographic breaks down the trends of kids, particularly tweens, on social media. Brought to you by Fashion Playtes

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