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Labor Laws Violated: The Costs When Employers Cross The Line

Labor Laws Violated

See the most common employee filed complaints against employers according to the DATA from the EEOC, department of labor and other sources. Also, in this stunning infographic, we run down the most common ways employers violate the law and victimize their workers. Ever wondered when suggestive language crosses the line into legitimate sexual harassment? Wondered whether you are covered for …

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How Safe Is Your Area

Do you know how safe your area is? Whether you’ve lived in your local area since childhood or you’ve recently moved there, here’s your chance to find out about the area in question. Check out this infographic created by the experts at CIA Landlords and take a look at the crime rates in your area. Find out everything from how …

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Infographic: Weird and Wacky Driving Rules from Around the World

In this infographic, you will learn all about the weird and wacky driving rules from around the world! Not obeying road rules can lead to a range of consequences – you may receive a hefty fine, crash your car or in the worst case scenario you could be thrown behind bars! If you need help following an accident, feel free …

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