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15 proven ways to Cut Back on Your Expenses

This infographic provides helpful and useful tips for people who want to cut back on their monthly expenses. This collection of tips is a result of a collaboration between 15 personal finance bloggers who shared their knowledge and experience with us. This project includes tips in 5 main categories: Insurance, food, housing, clothing and healthcare. Each of the personal finance bloggers contributed …

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ECOnomic Benefits of the Feed-in Tariff Scheme

Using information from Ofgem and the UK Government we take you through several reasons why installing the latest eco-friendly technologies in your home can help you lower your household bills. Utilising technologies such as solar panels can help you benefit financially (from the feed-in tariff scheme) while also helping to secure a brighter future for our planet. via adept.uk.com

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Infographic: Create an Economically Friendly Home

From solar panels and loft insulation to energy saving bulbs and heat pumps, technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years with the aim of making our homes eco-smart and energy efficient. With such an emphasis on self-sufficiency, you can now make substantial savings on your monthly energy bills all with a few simple home improvements. With thanks …

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