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How to Sell in a Buyer’s Market: Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Any real estate marketing plan needs to adapt to the current industry trends to ensure that you as a realtor keep improving your sales. Like how the current cool down of the Toronto’s real estate industry has brought a shift to a buyer’s market, it’s important that you include both traditional print marketing and digital marketing in your plan. Here …

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Home Sizes in the US: Expectations vs Reality

Home Sizes in the US

Point2 Homes surveyed over 29,000 people across 9 different target countries (U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Australia) on their housing realities and what they consider to be a good-size home. These are the results! via point2homes.com

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Annual survey of Russian/CIS buyers’ foreign real estate preferences

foreign real estate preferences

In early 2017, international real estate broker Tranio.com performed its sixth annual analytical survey focused on Russian/CIS buyers’ foreign real estate purchasing preferences. The company´s analysts polled realtors from different countries to determine which properties Russian/CIS investors prefer to put their capital into and how their purchasing patterns have changed since the Russian economic crisis started in 2014. According to …

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The Homebuyers Plumbing Checklist

Homebuyers Plumbing Checklist

Buying a house will be the biggest investment you ever make. It’s easy to overlook potential issues when inspecting a home. That last thing you want is unexpected plumbing problems to cause stress and financial pressure. Check out our handy home buyers plumbing checklist and make sure you don’t run into unplanned plumbing problems when buying a new home. via …

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House Prices and Rental Yields – How Expensive is Your Area

The interactive infographic provides a view of property prices and rental yields across various postcode areas in the UK. By just clicking on the blue map markers you can see a wealth of information about the location, including average asking prices, average sale prices and also rental yields. via aspenwoolf.co.uk

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How to Avoid Foreclosure in California

Avoid Foreclosure in California

When facing foreclosure, it is crucial to understand all the details of the situation and also to believe that there are options available to don’t lose your home and resolve the situation. Many homeowners in California do not explore all their options and just think that there is no more to do and just leave their houses or give their …

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5 Advantages of Living in a Mini Home

Living in a Mini Home

With the rising cost of living and concerns about carbon footprints, owning a mini home is continuing to rise as a popular trend among home buyers. Ask Avenue is happy to bring you the top 5 advantages to living in a mini home. via askavenue.com

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How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Just how do you increase value around your house when you are looking to sell it? We answer those questions and give you an idea of which projects are actually worth investing in. From Garden landscaping to building your very own Garage find out the amount of money you could end up going home with off the back of your …

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Drone Law Exemption 333 Provider Comparison

Comparing Section 333 service companies is a challenge. There are law firms, affiliate marketers, consultants, form or template providers, industry groups and others offering assistance with FAA 333 exemption petitions. Some law firms are charging between $5,500-$8,000 for a standard 333 exemption. Some SEO companies are signing up exemption prospects, then shipping them off to consultants for handling. If you …

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FortuneBuilders 2015 Real Estate Trends

FortuneBuilders’ CEO Than Merrill shares some interesting stats and trends for real estate in 2015. Highlights include: A 10.4% increase in total existing-home sales. A 5.7% increase in the median price. A reduction in distressed sales, with foreclosures and short sales dropping from 14% of all home sales to just 10%. 40% of all homes are sold within 30 days. …

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Secrets to Boosting Your Home’s Value on a Budget

Many home sellers have found that with a slower housing market than we’ve seen in the past couple of years, that it is getting harder to get a good offer when selling their real estate. What a lot are unaware of are some tips and tricks to increase the likely number of offers (and sales price) of a home, many …

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Retirement Investing: Stock Market vs. Real Estate

After the stock market crash of 2008, the majority of Americans are focused on traditional investments through the stock market, which yield short-term gains. This infographic put together by the folks at ira123.com illustrates the benefits of investing in alternative assets.

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Infographic: 3 Ways to Fail at Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents try countless marketing ideas to help grow their businesses, yet they continue to invest in expensive, low-yielding channels. After looking into the various ways real estate agents spend their marketing dollars, I had an “ah-ha” moment: Real estate agents are making poor marketing investments because they’re trying to reach the wrong audience. While researching this topic, I …

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1031 Exchange: The Ultimate Guide

Ever heard of a 1031 exchange? In this infographic you will learn how to defer your capital gains taxes utilizing a 1031 exchange, what kinds of properties qualify for 1031, what the basic 1031 rules and time limits are, and how to benefit your heirs by stepping up your basis. Brought to you by 1031 Gateway

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Infographic: Most Popular Real Estate WordPress Plugins

For a real estate company, your website is a vital component to your marketing mix. The best platform for real estate site is WordPress. Once you get your WordPress site up and running, the next step is to use the right plugins that will turn your visitors into leads. Below are the 4 most popular real estate WordPress plugins. You …

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