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Upcycling Old Windows & Doors: Wintertime Gardening Projects

With winter in full force, gardening is not likely on your activities list this weekend – but it should be! Now is the perfect time to head out to the garage with an armload of random items – such as shutters, doors, windows, wine boxes and the like. From easy to advanced, we’ve got a project that’s perfect for you! …

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E-Waste – How Much Do We Produce Globally?

Find out how much electrical waste (e-waste) we produced in 2014 globally. Detailing the weight, types and the countries producing the most e-waste. See how this compares to previous years, with weight predictions for the future. via pureplanetrecycling.co.uk

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Infographic: Eco-Friendly Paint Disposal, From Household to Industrial

Proper paint disposal is key to a clean environment and clean health. Unfortunately, many people do not know the risks involved from throwing out paint with their everyday garbage. This infographic sheds light on the large amount of paint that is purchased each year and the negative effects brought on by irresponsible disposal. We offer many tips on how to …

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