Relax, Screen Time Isn’t The End Of The World

Although many parenting bullies would like us to believe that screen time is going to sneak in our homes at night a murder our families, the fact of the matter is that screens have evolved into something that is completely necessary for our day-to-day lives. There was a time when screens were a novelty and … Read more

How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Process: A Small Guide

Anyone who has ever told you that content marketing is easy lied to you. It’s hard. You create content designed to solve your target audience problems and then publish and promote it. But you never really know which content will be a hit or a miss. And that’s where the beauty of it is. If … Read more

Ultimate Google Ranking Factors Guide [Infographic]- 103 SEO Checklist

The Blue Oceans Group created an excellent SEO Checklist that consists of complete 103 Google’s ranking factors guide. SEO is the most powerful, super engaging and the best digital marketing tool for any businesses. Every blogger, marketers, YouTuber, SMEs or big enterprises can not expect growth by ignoring search engine optimization marketing into their business. … Read more

Digital Therapy During A Pandemic

Learn everything you need to know about digital therapy during the pandemic from the infographic below. These are just a few of the many advances in digital therapeutics. In fact there are more on the horizon every day. Right now many of us can’t get to our regular doctor visits for conditions that require monitoring … Read more

Social Media Tips From The Marketing Pros

If you’re curious about which social media marketing tools you should use and how they can help you build your brand, then you’re at the right place. This infographic offers you some tips and tricks on how to create and maintain a successful social media marketing campaign. 9 great social media tips from the pros. … Read more

Complete Guide to Targeting with Facebook Ads

This guide will make every advertisers life easier. In fact, it contains 850 Facebook ad targeting options and is extremely easy to read. Many advertisers don’t understand Facebook’s advertising options. They don’t properly target their ads. Most advertisers only use one or a few of Facebook’s targeting options. Consequently, the most common and thus most … Read more

Selfie Poses – The Do’s and Don’ts of the Selfie (Infographic)

The selfie craze Selfies have quickly become one of the most popular forms of photography in the world. People of all ages and from all walks of life are taking selfies, and for a variety of reasons. Some people take selfies to capture a moment or a happy memory, while others take selfies as part … Read more

Is Our Police Force Turning into a Military? (Infographic)

Militarization of our police force As new advances in weaponry come to light and tensions rise, the United States’ police is responding in new ways. Many believe those who serve and protect are turning into a militarized force. This hypothesis can be confirmed with the increase of “no knock” SWAT team infiltrations by 4000% in … Read more