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Surprisingly Americans Like Basketball more than Porn


The NBA Finals 2016 championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, started on June 2nd with over 7 Games ending on its final day June 19th. Here at Camsoda we noticed huge drops in token spending during the hours of the game. So we posted a few graphs which prove that perhaps our users prefer basketball over hot …

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American woman 18-24 most likely to fake her climax

Ever wondered if your partner has REALLY reached climax or if they are fully sexually satisfied? In conjunction with acclaimed global research firm IFOP, CAM4.com gives insights into what is often on the minds of many. Everything from where they reside, to their age, marital status, and even their grooming habits down below, CAM4 and IFOP have the answer – …

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Calories burned during 10 minutes of sex

Good news for couch potatoes: Sex isn’t just fun – it burns calories and keeps you fit. Why bother going to the gym when you can get all the exercise you need in the bedroom? via ca.dating-navigator.net

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Sperm: 250 Million Attempt The Journey, But Only One Will Make It…

Sperm go on the most amazing journey, one we take for granted. From the moment sperm leaves the male body, the vagina does everything it can to try and kill it. Over 1000 sperm roll off the production line every heartbeat and 250 million leave the male body at ejaculation. It’s a big race with only one penetrating the egg. …

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Can legally regulated prostitution reduce sex crimes?

A few EU countries have passed laws making the supply of sexual services legal, a controversial decision for some but seen as a positive step taken by a progressive democracy to others. Babes of London has researched the pros and cons of legally regulated prostitution within the EU and whether it has had a negative or positive impact on the …

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Infographic: Why We Love Orgasms

It’s hard to find someone who isn’t fascinated by sex. It plays such a large part in our lives and is so integral to relationships and status. Well we went on a bit of a mission, conducting our own surveys and scouring the internet and books for the most interesting and fascinating statistics and facts about sex and orgasms, from …

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