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Infographic: Put a Stache On It

Let’s face it. Whether you like it or not, mustaches are everywhere. I’m not talking about the upper lip garnishes embodied by Ron Swanson. Even more popular than in its facial hair form, the icon of the mustache has been pervading Urban Outfitters, Etsy, cupcake bakeries, and even tattoo parlors. PUT A STACHE ON IT delves into the heart of …

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Infographic: How To Prepare For Your Summer Vacation

With the school year winding down, the temperature creeping up and Memorial Day Weekend around the corner, summer vacation season is unofficially here. Although the average American lets two whole vacation days go unused every year, you are definitely not that person. No. You will use that hard-earned vacation time. So start stashing away some cash, pack your swimsuit and prepare to …

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Infographic: The Evolution of Motorcycle Safety

The early 1960s may have been the decade when motorcycling officially became the world’s coolest mode of transport – thanks to the smouldering likes of Steve McQueen and James Dean – but it was also the era when deaths on the road peaked, with over 1,500 bikers a year killed between 1959 and 1962. Nowadays motorcycle fatalities are at their …

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Infographic: 2011 World Car Sales Statistics

Global car sales show different dominating car manufacturers in the world’s largest vehicle markets: China, U.S., Germany, Japan, and Russia. China leads in new vehicle purchases with more than 18 million sold. Of the vehicles purchased, it bought more than 30 percent from GM and another 30 percent from VW. Of course, more than 1 million of the GM cars …

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