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How to Build the Gym you Need at Home

Build the Gym you Need at Home

Being healthy and fit requires regular workout sessions but we don’t have the time to go to any health clubs or gym sessions frequently. A big solution to this could be that we can workout at our preferred schedule in our own home. This way we can regularly exercise in our own space and it doesn’t have to be large. …

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99 Fascinating Facts About Yoga

Facts About Yoga

The folks at strech.nl have put together this fascinating infographic about Yoga. A detailed overview of the 4th fastest growing industry in the world. A must read for every Yogi! ‘What once was known only as an ancient spiritual practice among the Indians, yoga is now recognized as a worldwide trend and a full-blown industry on many aspects on a scale never …

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The billion dollar business of yoga

Everybody has heard about the phenomenon of Yoga. From the streets and temples of Calcutta to the gyms of Los Angeles, people from all demographics and walks of life are laying down their mats and striking their poses. It has become a global craze with countries like Japan seeing a growth rate of over 400% in the past 5 years. …

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Infographic: Why We Love Orgasms

It’s hard to find someone who isn’t fascinated by sex. It plays such a large part in our lives and is so integral to relationships and status. Well we went on a bit of a mission, conducting our own surveys and scouring the internet and books for the most interesting and fascinating statistics and facts about sex and orgasms, from …

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