Tax Deductions for Artists

If you’re an independent artist, there are a couple of expenses you can write off in order to maximize your savings.

Photography Equipment:
Any photography equipment such as a camera, tripod, etc needed to perform your job are considered deductible expenses.

Editing Software:
Any editing software subscriptions (Adobe, CorelDraw) you require for your business are subject to deductions.

Any money you spend on promoting your work can be deducted. Advertising expenses can include print ads, business cards, fliers, sponsorships, Facebook and digital ads, as well as your website hosting and creation costs.

Electronic Equipment:
Any electronic equipment or tools needed to perform your job are usually counted as deductible expenses.

You can deduct any and all expenses associated with business travel. This can include meals (Now 100% deductible), hotel & lodging, reasonable tips, dry-cleaning, phone calls home, etc. Travel could include expenses related to gallery visits, openings of shows, delivering artwork, and art fairs.

Home office:
If you work from home, you can claim a home office deduction. However, you must prove that the office or studio is used exclusively for your art business.

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Tax Deductions for Artists

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