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Fastest Vans – Van Prix

Van Monster hosts the minivan prix
Supercars, bullet trains, fighter jets — there’s a faster version of just about every mode of transport. This is even the case when it comes to vans – in the form of minivans.

Ranked in order of the time it takes for each vehicle to get from 0-60mph, take a look at the visual below and you will also learn the following from each entry:
• The type of engine found under the hood.
• The amount of brake horsepower and torque that each vehicle is capable of producing.
• A fast fact in order to gain more knowledge about the fastest vans on the road today. For example, did you know that the 2011 Toyota Sienna SE was the only minivan to offer all-wheel-drive when it was released?

via vanmonster.com

Fastest Vans - Van Prix

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