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Infographic: How Tech-Savvy Are Our Kids?

We can’t ignore technology in modern day society, we are surrounded by it almost everywhere we go, from the minute we are born. With the ever increasing number of technology products on the market for us to purchase, a few questions arise. The folks from angiolotty.co.uk have put together this interesting infographic which looks at how tech-savvy our kids are.


Brought to you by angiolotty.co.uk

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  1. Since they are growing up with it, they shoud be quite savvy. I worry though about overload and not being as social as pre-hooked into everything.

  2. Very interesting

  3. Great infographic! Definitely puts kids and gadgets/technology into perspective!

  4. I am constantly in awe of how tech-savvy my kids are. Interesting facts and how true that 50% of teens can’t live without their phones for more than a week! Thanks for yet another awesome infographic!

  5. I am fond of this particular article because I had no idea how tech savvy my own children were until I watched them do things on the computer that to me seemed quite hard to figure out and they found it very easy to manuver.

  6. Nicholas Bowman 99

    Nice infographic about our tech savvy kids

  7. Amazing infographic! It is true, 97% of 15-16 year olds have internet access at home…

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