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Infographic: Why Do I Need IPv6?

With last years’ revelations about IPv4 running out, the need for IPv6 has been well documented and has been the cause of much debate, particularly within the tech community. We at Dyn have created an infographic which depicts the importance of IPv6, and also the importance of being prepared and understanding it. Many still believe that IPv6 is a replacement for IPv4 and that they are interchangeable, which is not the case. IPv4 and IPv6 run parallel to each other and, as such, the need to be prepared shouldn’t be underestimated. Some software and routers will need to be changed to support IPv6, so understanding the details is of paramount importance.

Infographic: Why Do I Need IPv6?


  1. Glad some people are finding the infographic interesting!

    ‘IP’ stands for Internet Protocol, the ‘V’ is for Version, followed by the version number (either 4 or 6). IPv4, and now IPv6, are the addressing systems of the internet (as in ‘IP address’).

    If you’re interested in finding out more about this topic, you may find this article useful: http://dyn.com/labs/ipv6-updates-transition-ipv4-addressing/

  2. I understand most of your infographics, but this one is Greek to me (or maybe Martian)

  3. I had never heard of this before and this was interesting thank you!

  4. so what exactly is IPv?

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