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Infographic: The Evolution of Motorcycle Safety

The early 1960s may have been the decade when motorcycling officially became the world’s coolest mode of transport – thanks to the smouldering likes of Steve McQueen and James Dean – but it was also the era when deaths on the road peaked, with over 1,500 bikers a year killed between 1959 and 1962.

Nowadays motorcycle fatalities are at their lowest level ever, but only because of the work of the bikers, campaigners and legislators who are continually looking at ways to improve road safety for everyone.

At Bennetts we’re proud to be a part of this movement, which is why we’re currently campaigning for one biker-awareness question to be made compulsory on all British driving theory tests. Read on to find out how motorcycle safety has evolved and sign up to our e-petition to help us make the road a safer place for all drivers.

Brought to you by bennetts.co.uk.

Brought to you by bennetts.co.uk

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