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Teen Rehab Centers: Teenage Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Adults often think that substance abuse among teenagers is not so common, and addiction is most certainly an exception. However, smoking, drinking, and drug-taking levels are surprisingly high. Check the statistics in the given infographic.

Why do teenagers decide to try cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs? AddictionResource authors say the reasons can be completely different – peer pressure, a desire to look “grown-up”, adopting parents’ harmful habits, curiosity, a wish to have fun, stress, rebellion, and ignorance.

Often, adolescents believe that they control the situation and can stop at any time. They may be unaware of their addiction. That’s why it is usually their parents who start seeking help. If you are looking for a good treatment center for your teen, focus on those that have licensed medical professionals on staff, cutting-edge treatment and services, and can develop a personalized treatment experience for your child.

Substance Abuse Among US Adolescents infographic

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